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Hi Temi. Don't know what to i was thrilled going through those lovely "honeymoon" pictures. I'm real excited for you guys & decree your marriage shall always be pleasantly flavored in Jesus name. Wish you many more years of marital joys & bliss.

That was so romantic! Didn't know that Sesan, d IT geek, was a I remember d last time I saw u in Fola's (Temi's younger sister) house back in 2006. U both finally made it; oh, how beautiful! I wish you couple a beautiful, successful and romance-filled life...
(Seun Motunmori)

Congarts!!! i couldn't make for the wedding, but saw the picz. Congrats!!!
(Obinna Ajuruchi)

am really hapi 4 u gbenga.i tank god 4 u.i hav reali learnt alot 4rm u.tanks.may god bless ur marriage.
(irene-nyscinfotech 07b)

Temi and gbenga ur love for one another radiates through all ur photos it's awesome. I want to use this time to wish u both all the happiness that marriage brings and pray that the favour which GOD promised that will follow Gbenga for finding u will not ellude him in JESUS NAME. AMIN. HAPPY MARRIED LIFE. Not before long we shall come and rejoice with u both on the arrival of little Sesans.
(yetunde salako)

It was worth the while, She is beautiful and u deserve her.

gosh i enjoyed reading about u guys walk through ur relationship and firmly believe that God indeed provides for his own. he was in the works all the while
(tola ajayi-akinmusire)

Hi friends, welcome to the world of honeyzz. I'm so sorry i cudnt make. I know i missed a lot there's a lot more to c'brate 3gether

Congrats T&G. I wish your family the very best.
(Yemi Poppy )

oko ati iyawo, happy celebration! may your smiles never depart and, may laughter never be far from your home soon and very soon may your floor be stained by tiny feet your parlour scattered by very healthy little gbengas and temis and your account ever replenished for the very significant school fees. Above all, may your foundation built on love remain ever strong from anniversary to anniversary. Happy married life. Iddy Palmer
(Iddy Palmer)

Dear Temi & 'Gbenga! Best wishes for your future life together and warmest regards from snowy Austria! All the best, the World Summit Award Team: Peter, Anastasia, Karin, Angelika and Cecilia
(WSA Team)

T & G, congrats. May your union be blessed beyond measure. Wishing you both all the best in your new home. ~Rlnd

GBENGA, Even though I was not 'one' of the privildged few you informed about your wedding, I am wishing you all the BEST PROMISES a happy marriage will bring to any home. I hope to be in the country by the end of the week and would have loved to attend to surprise you if I were around. Welcome to the club everyone wants to be part and those in want out. But you shall have a fulfilled married life in Jesus Christ name-amen.
(Pastor Peters OMORAGBON)

I read the profiles of the Bride and Groom respectively and I must confess that this is certainly the coming together of two intellectuals to become ONE. No doubt, the union will be a MASTERPIECE. I also watched with keen interest the videos titled 'The Surprise I' and 'The Surprise 2' respectively and I doff my hat for Gbenga and his 'squad' for coming up with such a script. The videos deserve an Oscar award. It even inspired an aspiring bachelor like me (lol). May God bless your union. Best regards, Ibukunolu Ishola
(Ibukunolu Ishola)

Ha! I thank God that your journey began on my birthday! I'm happy that I'm a part of this! I wish you two a fruitful and prosperous marriage. Akwa ibom is a good spot for a honey... Lemme know if you care, I can show you round!
(Aniekan Ekah)

Luv ur pics. I pray dat God will continue 2 strengthen ur luv

May the Good Lord grant you happiness beyond your dreams, joy far above your imaginations, love deeper than the sea and hope in Him who is the same yesterday, today and for ever... Vive les mariƩs!

Gbenga and Temi, On behalf of my wife and kids we say happy married life and the best gift is our daily prayer for God Almighty to unite you and make your union and everlasting one blessed with all fruits of marriage in Jesus Name. God Almighty himself will be with you on this divine journey and you will not regret for a moment through-out your life,you will blossom, joy,peace and understanding is the bedrock of marriage and God will give you abundant of them in Jesus Name and your marriage will be a good example of christian home. God will give you home and not a house IJN.See you both tomorrow in the church and I pray it will be a successful event and wishing you safe journey back to London after the event.
(Mr & Mrs Kola Oladimeji)

u r d perfect match, and am wishing u a blissfull married life with all d best life can offer u. congratulations.
(tola abidoye)

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a simple step. Thank God for the both of you and hoping that your step of faith becomes a shining pathway for those of us who will later take a cue from your blinging example. HAPPY, BLISSFUL, BLINGING, MARRAIGE!!!
(Robert Wofai Jimmy)

The Couple, This is a beautiful beginning! I read your stories, and there appears to be an element of joined destiny, which you have through the mercy of God decided to make a reality. Some of us who are also getting ready for marriage will be watching you. We will be watching not for how you will fare, but because you are and will continue being an example to us. Accept my Congratulations!
(Khalifa Gurati)

Dear G&T, When love meet true lovers on love lane, imagine the lovity... G, as you have inspired us to be +ve changemakers... may ur marriage create an inspiration, such that had never been, 2 impact us more for better days ahead! Cheers!
(UnyimeAbasi Essien, MISSPIN)

There an't much to say than you are wished the best from God's treasure chest. Nice combination, perfect match.... what's there to say again !!!!! Rejoice & Celebrate and always remember what united you together b'cos that's what will keep you going.......

Aburo, i wish you all the best in this new journey of life.Indeed you have found a good thing and the favour of God shall be your portion. See you on the D-Day. cheers.

Hello the two love birds, Mmh the bells are ringing. I have just learnt. Bhenga this is great news. Keep it cool and welcome to this side of the world. Wish you guys all the best and hope to see you guys soon. My warmest regards from Kenya. Herine

Dear Temilade and Gbenga, I am full of joy for both of you and pray that God will sustain this union. Warm regards James Udechukwu

what shall we say...Happy Birthday! oh..sorry...Happy Married Life! wishing u guys all the best of the union. it's a lot of fun and indeed requires a lot of understanding.

Hi Gbenga & Temi, This is great news indeed. I am so glad for you two - even though I may not be able to attend your wedding, I wish to add my wellwishes to those who will be there. May God bless this union to His Glory.
(Takalani Musekwa)

Hello TemiGbenga, We are really happy for the both of you making this, all-important decision. May the almighty strengthen you and bless your matrimony. We wish you both a blessed and happy married life together. Olugbenga, Olubunmi, Oluwatomisin and Olatomiwa Adegelu Johannesburg, South Africa.
(Gbenga Adegelu)

Hi friends!!!!!!!!!....and I thot the journey started in Ife!!!!!! waow! nice one....this your wedding site sha reads like an academic profile o! was hoping to 'see' your hearts! but truly nice! As you start out on this journey, I pray that yours is a home where Christ has permanent residency! Love, 'toyin
(Toyin Arowolo nee Lamikanra)

Congratulations brother and sister. We (Oba, Yeye Oba and Baba Oba)plan to witness the marriage covenant ceremony. May the Lord satisfy the desires of your heart.

Wow! this is beautiful, Congratulations! you look amazing! your brother, Yohannes from Ethiopia
(Yohannes Mezgebe)

u both have come a long way. we wish you well in the journey ahead.
(olumide & aanu omoloju)

1) Congrats 2) Still waiting for my cheque 3) Na me be 'another friend' abi? Ti oko ba mo aya tan..........
(Tunji Iyiola)

nice website. wishing u guys the very best of married life. God bless u !
(isioma nwanze)

What a great achievement for you and your hobby to be. I really love your style, May the Good Lord Continue to keep you both in love Amen. From Ogechi(Canada)

Very many congratulations mate! You have found a good thing. May God bless the day!!!
(Bolaji Moyo)

Wishing you guys all the very best as you start out another phase of ur life.
(Segun Daini)

How I wish to be at that Tech-driven wedding...I wish you a happy married life in advance. But I think a TechplusV2.2 should be applied...something like an online streaming for those that will not be there to view it life from any Place P! Anyway...Oluwa amu ojo roo o... Moika!
(Oludayo Oguntoyinbo)

...simply happy for you! May God see you through.
('Bola Akinsulire)

Please permit me to call you "PIN first couple" . In you (T&G) I find a balance of friendship. May this light keep shinning forever. Amen
(Ugochukwu Nwosu)

I dont knoe you well Gbenga but my eyes are brimming with tears just reading your love story. I believe its a match made in heaven. I wish you bountiful joy in your marriage and unrivalled marital bliss.

Wishing you guys the very best as you start another phase of Life. WELCOME TO DA CLUB.
(Dammydee- (KSD))

Hi newest couple in town, the only advisors are couple themselves, no appeal, no third party. please cherish this union in In Jesus Christ Name ... do I hear somebody echo A.M.E.N

This is a very interesting story....dont be surprised, it might be scripted in the next hollywood movie production. Wishing u guys a blissful marriage
(Gbenga Owojori)

simple but tasteful website. Interesting to read more of d story & many other angles.... surely, ur home is a fountain of joy & continous visitation as u follow our Lord God...

Ise Oluwa ni....ko le baje! Happy married Life.
(Seyi Solomon)

obviously,you guys are in love.may this love be continually be renewed and rekindled to keep the home for the Lord. all the best
(hannah obadeyi nee salami)

Congrats o! GS, am so happy for you! This is brilliant! I pray that the Lord add more colours to your union! Best regards...

Hello, This is the Lord's doing, and it's marvellous in our sight. I pray God Almighty will see you through in all your endeavours. Take good care of her. Mike.
(Michael Adeyeye)

This is wishing you the best in life. Congrats
(Akinremi Makanjuola)

This is hot...ogbonna felifeli This is a celebration of eternal friendship. Live it
(Akindele Oyeyemi)

I bless God for your lives and thank God who has made gbenga consistent in showing his generation the pathway. Shine on bro
(Oyinloye Opeyemi)

I am happy for the two of you. Though I never met Temi in school, but I knew Gbenga from a distance.Your wedding site and facebook profiles have done more to me than information.I read your profiles and watched the surprise with a lot of nolstagia.Moreover it reawakens in me a part deadened by those almost 9years in Ife getting a degree for a profession that does not celebrate creativity. I pray for you as you prepare for this next stage of your lives and pray God's favour and direction for the future. Mayowa.
((Kingsley)Mayowa Okonoda)

Whatelse can I wish a brother and friend other than "All the best"- a sentence that is short but full of positive things! Gbenga and Temi, I see today what I saw in myself some few months ago- God's perfection! For Gbenga "has found favour in God's eyes" For Temilade "is a good woman" Never should you (both) be surprised at the wonders God has in stock for you two. Marriage is a process that requires our "skills, action and ongoing creativity", may the good Lord give you the wisdom to follow through the process with very good "products". Be sure to look at both parents life(s) in order to extract what helped them to both stay together till this day! This is one lesson that will be useful as you both go along in life! You both will be missed in the bachelor and spinster circle and this is telling those still within that circle to step up to the plate! Gbenga, Ebenezer Obey lo so be o, O ni suuru la fin se oko obirin.... Temi, Obey tun soro o ni, Aya rere lodede oko o..... All the best to the worlds most celebrated couples in waiting. Oyebisi PS: Temi looks very much like my wife except that she is dark and mine is light! Gbenga you take eye go market!!!

'Gbenga & 'Temilade am happy for you. Congratulations
(komolafe omolara)

Great moments! As you match through the aisle to the alter,Goa will grant you both greater dayz ahead in Jesus name.Wish you well. Cheers.
(Bosun Adedokun)

God bless you as you perform the great miracle of God\'s plan of unity and muliplication of spirit, soul and body an fulful Destiny and purpose together. I rejoice with you! God bless

This is definitely the union of 2 keen minds. Here is wishing you both a great life together.
(Gbenga Omole)

I grew up with you, we ran together, we competed, we won together,we got caught and beaten up many times (God bless Mrs Abiona), we succeded. You where a year ahead. We went through the bushes, drank algae water, roughed it through and became veterans. Then... We all went through 'the Great' and here we are, there and still moving. Ain't nothing stopping us now yah? Defly. Looks like two of my cousins getting married. For real. Nice one guys! Cheers.
(Femi Akinrotimi)

Gbenga & Temi, I wish you God's favour and blessings all the way; i'm so happy for you 2. Cheers, Toluwalogo Oluwatola(ECUOAU)
(Toluwalogo )

Wow...GOD is GOOD! He really does good things, bringing 2 great and beautiful people together. We are convinced a greater future lies ahead for both of you...Cheers!
(Femi & Funmi Da)

I am an ex-student of idoani now based in the us, this is one of the best wedding website I have seen especially the surprise part. My prayer is that God will uphold your home and continue to bind you together with love. Congratulations
(olabisi akinrim)

Nice one...
(adura-agba afenifere)

Indeed God makes all things beautiful in His time. Oloun a je ki e se ore ara yin kale o, amin. Wishing you both a happy married life. Cheers!
(Ojuade Ololade)

It's really the lord's doing (orchestration) and it's marvelous in our sight.He who began a good friendship in u and he is taking to marriage will be faithful to complete it after marriage.Wishing u all that God has for u 2geda to achieve and enjoy. U've made ECU proud. God bless u.

Hi two love birds, May the Lord uphold and perfect this union. He will exhort and bless your union. I will not be around, but I wish you a wonderful ceremony and most especially the institution.Enjoy all the way through. You both deserve the best. Kind regards, 'Jumoke
(Oluwajumoke Akintunde)

wishing you all the best in life...Temi and Gbenga ......much love.
(Adekunle Samuel Owolabi)

Congrats Guys,its always nice2see a Great Ife "Pair" get into the race of life2gether but U guys are truly blessed to have found each other and privileged to take each other to complete the journey thru life together. Many cheers.
(Rotimi Akinmolayan)

God bless you real good...Blessed preparation for a blissful wedding...I pray that yours will always the model for others like me to follow...Thanks for being a model even in this...Lotta Love for Gbenga n Temi
(Adegbulu Adesoji James)

This is a big "Upgrade" ooo :-d. I am really happy for you guys for now both of you shall chase ten thousands. I commit you to the hand of HIM who turned water to wine to perfect that which HE has started in you. Meanwhile, I will leave you guys with this song..."Kini e o le se Olorun mi, Kini e o lese..."
(Emmanuel Oluwat)

Congrats guys. Oluwa a mo jo ro o. You are blessed.

I will be there unfailingly! Let me know how we can help you do runs or anything else Iyawo. Husby to be - on your own except u r honoring y request :-P? TT

You are beautiful together, may God keep you together forever. Have a wonderful wedding and may God bless your home.
(Kehinde Familon)

Eku ipalemo, Oluwa amu ojo ro o. I'm surprised you never saw Temilade all through Ife days. I did severally because i'm always seeing good. Great this is happening. God bless you two. See ya on d-day
(Obafemi Onagoru)

Temi and GS... whaooh, another whaooh and then .... I am glad and sooo happy. I reserve my words till I call you guys to talk. Meanwhile, shalom is all my head is saying now for whatever reason.
(Nike & Yomi Fas)

Dear T & G, May God bless this day and keep it just for you! Let everyone be blessed by the day! Cheers,
(John & Grace Fu)

I don't want to talk too much....Finally Gbenga, welcome to the league of the favoured, na now life just start and doors go begin open on another level! Temi & Gbenga, i'm excited for you both and wish you a fantastic life ahead.
(Temitope Adeolu)

E ku pale mo o! Olorun a mo jo duro. Ore ara yin ni e o ma je titi ayeraye amin
(taiwo akinlami)

I wish you both the best of everything one can ever think of. Congratulations gbenga is really is your crown for ever (just like the name says) Temilade, i rejoice with you, cos i know you have a gem in your hand. Congratulations... May the Lord keep the day for you and make it beautiful in everyway possible.
(Temitope Akinsa)

Congrats my friend, Sara and I are very happy for you both! All the best, Russ (and Sara)
(Russ & Sara)

Gbenga - was about time. I haven't met her but, I am sure Temilade is a wonderful, beautiful, kind and goodhearted person who deserves a great husband. Thank goodness you snapped her up before she found one. LOL....all jokes aside....congratulations you both and by His grace we shall all be there to cheer you on!
(Kathleen Ndongm)

Gbengus Thank God for your life! I wish you all the best in the preparation and thereafter. Oluwa amu ojoro. Ere apo nibe.AMIN

Congrats on your wedding Gbenga & Temi. So happy for you guys. I'll see you guys in Feb 09.
(Kayode Afolabi)

What more can I say than sing --- We just wanna say papa o --- e se eeeeeee ... we just wanna say papa o. E seun. May the Lord almighty continue to put melody into your lives. Ayo ni a o ri ni ibe o. Amin.
(Ayobami Oladejo)

I am happy for you two and wish you the very best of marital life.
(Oluwakorede Asu)

Such a powerful duo! I wish u all the best there is in life!
(Folake Oladejo)

Wow! I guess i\'ve always known that you guys will make a perfect couple. I wish you the very best in your married life. Love you.
(Folashade Agbaj)

I never even pass the opening page but i go hail. Igbokwenu- eh! You people dey too proud. Nice one. 'can't wait for the gloroius day. Layo lo ma de o.Amin.
(adebola agbaje)