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Our Story

"This journey begins with excitement,
Every moment promising another smile;
My love and I thank God for the gift of love.
It's true, and we know it: Two are better than one!"

- T&G


He was busy dancing when she walked in with another friend. We were all there (the evening of August 8, 2003) for the engagement party of two friends who are now one, Yomi and Nike. He noticed her and it didn't take too long before they started talking... and then they danced.

We had been in the same Great Ife but our paths never crossed. How come? Well, it doesn't matter anymore ;-) We met for the first time on August 8, 2003. 1989 days later, we will be getting married! It's been a long journey since then and we appreciate the fact that we got to know each other better over the years. 'Gbenga likes to joke that we've fought so much that we may have no bones to pick with each other again in the future. At the friends' wedding, we danced, smiled and talked a little. The next day, Temi got a text message that read: "Thanks for saving the last dance for me," and that marked the beginning of our consistent communication.

Temi then left for the UK for her Masters program and even though we continued to stay in touch, it wasn't like the days when we were both together. She returned to Nigeria, we picked up from where we left off and then, the friendship grew deeper. Our academic/research interests seemed to revolve more and more around Nigeria and that was very helpful in rekindling the fire as we got to spend more time together. On October 2, 2006, we took a journey to 'Gbenga's past when we visited his secondary school where he had been invited to speak at a Reunion event. On the way back, somewhere between the rocky landscape just before Owo town in Ondo state, 'Gbenga suggested that, "Now that you have seen my past, I would like to invite you to be part of my future." And then, there was silence. Four months later, on Valentine's Day 2007, a conditional response came from Temilade: "I am giving it serious thought but..."

Later in 2007, Temi returned for her PhD in the UK while 'Gbenga deferred his (again). But the plans for the big surprise started at about that time. Teaming up with friends who were obviously excited about the prospects of a formal proposal that could earn 'Gbenga an on-the-spot answer, the planning began but Temi had no idea what was coming. After travelling together through Nottingham, London and Boston, we left for Ohio to "surprise an old friend". At least that was what Temi thought. We agreed to spring a surprise on YomiNike, the couple at whose wedding ceremony we met. Ogemdi Ike, Deolu Ashaye and YomiNike should probably make a career out of hosting surprises because even though there was almost a slip when Yomi and Ogemdi (who flew in from Chicago) came to pick us at the Greyhound terminal in Columbus, the duo worked out how to explain the fact that they were at that same terminal at the same time. The scripted surprise (seeing us in the US) was so obvious on their faces... thanks guys!

The next day, we all returned from church and the ladies -- acting according to the script handed to Nike -- decided to go shopping with Obaloluwa (YomiNike's son) and Yomi's mum. That gave the men enough time to set the stage. Temi walked in and thought YomiNike were up to another show of love but the joke was on her. The complete video is available on The Surprise page. That day, April 20, 2008, we began the journey towards the next phase of our relationship. On January 16, 2009 (the same day 'Gbenga became Nigeria's IT Youth Ambassador in 2002), family and friends will join us at the traditional engagement ceremony in Lagos; while the wedding ceremony and reception will be held on Temilade's birthday, January 17, 2009. It's the commencement of the next phase of our friendship and we look to the future with excitement!